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Abundance!  Money, Marketing & Mindset with Joyce Logan & Charlene Chiaro

Abundance! Money, Marketing & Mindset with Joyce Logan & Charlene Chiaro

May 6, 2021

“The Astrology of Human Consciousness” with special guest Barry Kerr 

We’ll be discussing what astrology tells us about the times we’re in now.

Barry has over 30 years of experience as a teacher, coach, astrologer and intuitive healer. He has used his knowledge of astrology, metaphysics, spiritual growth, religion and healing to help people heal, grow and understand themselves and their purpose. 

As an early pioneer in alternative medicine, in 1977, Barry was co-director of new Wholistic Healing Center, in Corvallis, Oregon where he taught classes and workshops in reflexology, nutrition, spiritual belief systems and lifestyle changes. In those days, mainstream medical professionals pointed skeptical fingers at Barry and his fellow pioneers. Today, doctors, psychiatrists and other professionals hire him for their own personal growth.

Barry resides in Sedona, AZ with his partner, Kristine Gay, a psychotherapist and energy healer. They offer services, coaching and workshops in the areas of relationships, personal growth, spiritual development, energy healing, astrology, and intuitive conscious living.  chooseconsciousliving.com

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Animal Connections with Laura Rowley

Animal Connections with Laura Rowley

May 6, 2021

“How Do You Talk to Animals...Questions from the Audience”

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Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe MD

Awakened Wellness with Mylaine Riobe MD

May 6, 2021

The Link between Covid and Sickle Cell Trait you Need to Know

While the medical community pays a lot of attention to sickle cell anemia, there are very few studies on a “less dangerous” form called sickle cell trait. Join Dr. Riobe to explore how sickle cell trait may be largely responsible for the staggering increased risk of death from covid and other diseases in the black and brown community. Learn what strategies these communities can take to protect themselves.

Video Version: https://youtu.be/4-BJ7ANWAys

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Dreaming Healing with Kat Kanavos

Dreaming Healing with Kat Kanavos

May 6, 2021

Ever Dream of Tapping Your Way to A Pain-Free Life?

Dr. Larry Burk M.D., C.E.H.P. believes we can Let Magic Happen- By Tapping Our Way to a Pain Free Life. Does that sound like a dream come true to you? His use of EFT includes working with symbolic grief-related illnesses such as sinusitis, post-nasal drip in conjunction with After-Death Communication using imagery and dreamwork. He now combines dreamwork with tapping and hypnosis in his coaching practice, focusing on healing the shadow issues of the lower 4 chakras. He is the Nautilus award-winning author of Dreams That Can Save Your Life and Let Magic Happen. Larry gives talks, seminars, and leads retreats on the techniques and the Power of Tapping. On The Dreaming Healing show, watch as Larry shares his tapping wisdom with us, such as how and why our emotions manifest as emotional pain and how we can heal ourselves using his tapping techniques. Dr. Larry Burk says, “My very first tapping experience was with a Duke student whose hives after a car accident cleared in one EFT session.”

Guest Bio: Dr. Larry Burk M.D., C.E.H.P.- Larry’s story begins in his hometown at the University of Pittsburgh where he did his medical school and radiology residency training… “There I got in on the ground floor of MRI just as it began to flourish in 1985. Personal experience pushed me to pursue research in MRI of the shoulder at Thomas Jefferson University after doing a musculoskeletal fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, eventually leading to the first study of MRI in professional baseball players with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Then, I was unexpectedly launched into a multifaceted adventure into holistic healing in 1987.

The next stop on my journey was private practice in Virginia Beach where I was introduced to the Edgar Cayce material and medical intuition. This caused a significant paradigm shift in my worldview. In 1993 I moved to Durham, home of my alma mater, Duke University, and the Rhine Research Center, formerly the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory. I took a job as section head of musculoskeletal radiology at Duke and pursued parapsychology research in intuitive diagnosis, eventually becoming a founding member of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition and Rhine board president for a year. I started the Mind-Body Medicine Study Group.

The deaths of a friend and my father led me into the world of dreams and shamanic journeying.

I co-founded the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine in 1999 and then began to practice acupuncture, hypnosis, and dreamwork at various clinics at Duke. In 2002 I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and became a Certified Energy Health Practitioner through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 2010 and was certified in hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in 2011.

I published Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist in 2012. Health-related dreams inspired me to publish a research paper in 2015 on women who had warning dreams about their breast cancers before diagnosis.

I gave a TEDx talk on Cancer Warning Dreams that Can Save Your Life in 2016.

My use of EFT includes working with symbolic grief-related illnesses such as sinusitis, post-nasal drip in conjunction with After-Death Communication using imagery and dreamwork. Please join me on the next step of the journey by reading my book about Dreams That Can Save Your Life.

My dream research continues at the Duke Breast Imaging Center. I now combine dreamwork with tapping and hypnosis in my coaching practice with a focus on healing the shadow issues of the lower 4 chakras.” https://www.letmagichappen.com/

Video Version: https://youtu.be/Nd9NoQ17CEw

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Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle! with Lora Cheadle

Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle! with Lora Cheadle

May 6, 2021

Simple Ways to Upgrade Consciousness & Answer Life’s Biggest Questions with Stephen Shaw 

What are you seeking? Is it a sense of fulfillment or purpose? Perhaps it is experiencing unconditional love with another or being able to slip into the ecstasy of divine love. While we all want different things in life, there are commonalities as well. We all seek to understand that which is greater than us. We all want to love and be loved, and we all want to avoid being hurt.  

Top Take-a-ways:

  • Overcome betrayal and learn from past experiences in a way that protects you going forward, cultivates understanding of both the blessings and the burdens, and honors your life journey. 
  • Energize and upgrade your chakras, even if you aren’t fully aware of what chakras are, how they work, or why you’d want to upgrade them in the first place.
  • Invoke divine support in about a minute a day, so you will be supported and guided every step of the way.
  • How and why to clear the accumulation of negative energy that gathers in and around you in the daily course of living. 

In his youth, Stephen Shaw, who grew up in South Africa, began having unusual experiences, including clairvoyance. By the time he was 15, he committed himself to fully explore Spirituality to find the answers to life’s most critical questions. Heavily influenced by the pragmatism of his father, he journeyed deep into all aspects of life, including military service, university, marriage and running a business. By the age of 39, he realized that his current life wasn’t enough. He still sought Answers. 

He then gave up everything he knew, including his business and marriage, and spent the next decade learning from shamans in Africa, Peru and Mexico, lamas in Tibet and Bhutan, and more spiritual guides, until he found what he was seeking: Who We Really Are, the True Nature of Life, and how to Live in Deep Fulfilment, Love and Peace.  

Learn more and download your free books at: www.i-am-stephen-shaw.com 

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Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro

May 6, 2021

Today on Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #440 Part Two the Gaea Star Band presents an hour of visionary acoustic improvisational music with Mariam Massaro on vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar, Celtic harp and Native flute, Robin Rooney on djembe and vocals, Bob Sherwood on piano and Craig Harris on Native drums and congas.  Recorded live in late April 2021 at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, today’s show begins with the uplifting “Heralding The Spring”, a bright, joyful song of praise to the coming of warm weather driven along by Mariam’s buoyant ukulele and driving drums from Craig and Robin.  “The Wisdom Way” is a development of the first theme that adopts Indian modes in a raga feel that maintains and accelerates the drive of this piece.  “I’m Dancing In The Wind” is a solemn, fundamental prayer built on a minimalist figure on piano from Bob, with Mariam’s harp representing the racing wind as Mariam and Robin present a fine call-and-response vocal.  “Awyn Spectrolite” is a beautiful, mystical and imaginative tale from Mariam that takes place in Goddess Grove among the Crystal Seekers, the Rainbow Keepers, the Light Workers.  Beautiful and haunting, the piece is driven by Mariam’s acoustic guitar with a driving rhythm section from Craig and Robin.  “Chicayeyo, By The River” is a rich, gorgeous ballad ushered in with plaintive fanfares from Mariam’s lyrical Native flute and “Saliniel Sanctuary” is a powerful, otherworldly raga in which Mariam provides the fundamental drone on her shruti box and Bob weaves a gorgeous, arresting piano figure under Mariam’s mystical vocal.

Learn more about Mariam here: http://www.mariammassaro.com

Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais

Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais

May 6, 2021

Welcome Back Carrie Rowan award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Author, Certified Coach and Founder of the STORY method

Why do we keep telling ourselves the same negative stories and expecting our life to yield different results? The stories we tell ourselves and others hold us back and keep us stuck on repeat.

Are you ready to own your power, live joyfully, and passionately manifest your dreams? Let’s tell that story!

CARRIE ROWAN is an award-winning singer/songwriter and author. She is a certified coach and founder of the STORY method. Rowan is also a teacher and speaker uniquely combining the power of provocative storytelling with live music. Rowan spent a decade working for Fortune 500 companies before jumping off the corporate ladder to pursue her creative endeavors and inspire others to follow their passions. She is a published writer in Spirit of Change Magazine and has been a featured artist for Baystate Parent magazine, New England Cable News Coffeehouse Series, and the Natural Living Expo.

Tell A New Story offers an easy-to-follow five-step approach using the S-T-O-R-Y acronym to help uncover your patterns and transform the way you think and talk about yourself.

Rowan weaves a tapestry of powerful emotions through personal storytelling. She expounds on struggles that teach lessons on how to dissolve the habits that hold you back from living your dream life.

Rowan will help you recognize the patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same old story, and instead, guide you to rewrite a new and empowering version of yourself that you love.

Tell a New Story includes:
✓Enlightening exercises to illuminate the stories that keep you stuck
✓Guided Meditation audios to declutter your mind and return you to your true power
✓Enchanting original songs enliven the emotional energy of Rowan’s personal journey to healing

By the end of the book, you will have clear action steps, guidance, and inspiration to discover your TRUE self and finally live the life that you desire and dream. For more information please visit www.CarrieRowan.com

Call In and Chat with Deborah during Live Show: 833-220-1200 or 319-527-2638

Learn more about Deborah here:  www.lovebyintuition.com

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

May 6, 2021

Our Obsession with Possessions

In today's episode, we explore our culture's obsession with material possessions and the impact it has on us when we dig below the surface. I talk about why I have a hard time letting go of certain items and provide practical tips on how to change our relationship with material possessions. 

Learn more about Meghan here: https://moneyisntscary.com/

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

May 6, 2021

What Kids Can Teach Us About Money

In all the books I've seen about how to teach our kids about money, none of them ever talk about how to handle your big emotions. While kids show emotions in their own ways, adults use coping mechanisms to deal with them, like shopping. Today, I tell you how I've been handling big emotions and how to avoid throwing money at something that is an inside job. 

Learn more about Meghan here: https://moneyisntscary.com/

Retreat to Peace with Catherine Daniels

Retreat to Peace with Catherine Daniels

May 6, 2021

Becoming ME While Raising YOU- A Mother's Journey to Self

Today join us as Kim Muench shares her talk Becoming ME While Raising YOU- A Mother's Journey to Self. Kim shares how mothers grow while raising their children. I think many of us can relate to this.

Catherine also makes a special request to all the mother's and people who mother, for this Mother's Day.

Next week, join Catherine as she interviews Rhianna Campbell in her talk, Recovery of a Teen Mom. This powerful journey of a teen mom will move you. Don't miss it.

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