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Dreaming Healing with Kat Kanavos

Dreaming Healing with Kat Kanavos

January 14, 2022

Expert Business Panel- Ringing In the New Year Success!

Description: All relationships are hard. We want the fairy-tale ending, but landmines lurk at every turn. Where are they? Is there a roadmap so we can avoid them? These 4 expert business panelists have Empowering Stories Discovering Business & Personal Secrets to Success in Love and Money. In our post-COVID world, many of us have become entrepreneurs and our own CEO. One BIG Secret to success is understanding how your personal and professional life is a marriage and business contract.… That contract can be heaven or hell. Could our difficulties stem from not respecting that marriage?

Guest Bios:

Frank Zaccari- CEO and Sr. VP of 7 midsize companies, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, Business Advisor, ROKU TV Show Host, VoiceAmerica host of Life Altering Events, published 5 books, teaches at Arizona State University; mentors Veterans, is a mentor and judge at University of California Entrepreneurship Academy. https://frankzaccari.com/

Teresa Velardi- DreamVisions7 Radio/TV host of Conversations that Make a Difference, Publisher, Coach. Businesswoman Teresa brings vital ingredients to those who choose to share their message with the world either on her show or through her publishing platform. We all have a story to tell and a heartfelt message to share. Whether you're writing a book or want to talk about something that lights you up, Teresa can help you to share your heart's message. http://www.webebookspublishing.com/

Peggy Willms- is Coach Peggy- Mayhem to Miracles Published Author, Wellness Expert, Personal & Executive Coach, International Speaker, and Syndicated columnist and Radio Host, brings over 30 years of wellness expertise. All Things Wellness: A revolutionary approach that combines both wellness models and wellbeing models for ALL THINGS WELLNESS. https://peggywillms.com/

Dom Brightmon- Dominique (Dom) Brightmon- Published author in Crappy to Happy and host of The Going North Podcast, where authors share their life experiences to help others advance themselves. https://www.dombrightmon.com/

Video Version: https://youtu.be/79EeaY-xj04

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Flaunt! Find Your Sparkle & Create a Life You Love After Infidelity or Betrayal with Lora Cheadle

Flaunt! Find Your Sparkle & Create a Life You Love After Infidelity or Betrayal with Lora Cheadle

January 14, 2022

Because Healthy Marriage Matters: Creating the Relationship you Deserve- With Austin & Rachel Holt

It’s my hunch that like Austin and Rachel Holt, you have read books, prayed hard, and have gone through some sort of marital or relationship counseling. But despite learning about how to budgets, expectations in sex, or how to formulate a parenting plan, you came head-to-head with a very real - and problematic situation: Even though you were in love, your deepest hurts, unhealed wounds and unconscious patterns (and those of your partner) reared their ugly heads and sabotaged your relationship. Whether it was infidelity or another kind of betrayal, there was trouble, and suddenly you felt like you were in over your head...

Top take-a-ways:

  • How the “Divine setup” in marriage and the IMAGO match can help you find each other again and heal once and for all.
  • The difference between “being willing” and “to will” and why the idea of “You can heal your marriage all alone!” is a marketing tactic that does not work long term.
  • Why having agreements, not expectations in a marriage (or any relationships) is the best way to stay healthy, safe, and happy.
  • Creating a life that is designed around healthy connection, love, and mutual growth – no matter how badly your relationship has gotten off track, and the power of third party objectivity.
  • Phrasing your feelings in terms of “inarguable truth,” so your partner will finally hear (and understand) you!
  • Simple practices that keep marriages together for the long haul and the power of knowing what values your marriage stands for.

Supporting married couples in healing, transformation, and intimate connection in their marriage, Austin and Rachel Holt are one of the only Big Leap Certified husband and wife teams in the world. They possess an undeniable passion and joy in supporting couples to create fun, blissful, and drama-free marriages through powerful tools, personal healing, simple mindset shifts, and the unconditional love of God. Through their brand Because Marriage Matters, they've created marriage products, in-person events, online programs, and communities that help couples all over the world. Their unique approach includes elements from their Christian Faith, The Hendricks Institute, IMAGO therapy, Mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, Gottman research and more.

Learn more about Austin, Rachel and Because Marriage Matters at https://becausemarriagematters.com/

Lora Cheadle is an infidelity survivor who uses the concepts in burlesque to help women reclaim their identity and self-worth after betrayal so they can move forward with confidence, embrace their sexy, and create a life they love!

Untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover the power, beauty, and joy that’s been inside you all along. All with a wink and a smile!

Download your Sparkle After Betrayal Recovery Guide at www.NakedSelfWorth.com and start reclaiming yourself and your life today!

Learn more at www.loracheadle.com and follow me across all social! 

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro

January 14, 2022

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #475 is an hour of visionary improvisational acoustic music played by Mariam Massaro and Bob Sherwood of The Gaea Star Band.  Recorded live at Singing Brook Studio in Worthington, Massachusetts, with Mariam on vocals, Native flute, schruti box, Celtic harp, acoustic 12-string guitar and 4- and 8-string ukuleles, and Bob on piano and bongos.  Today’s first number is the deeply mystical, ethereal “Praise For The Rain” a lush tone poem as Mariam’s Celtic harp runs coalesce into Bob’s rich, evocative tapestry.  We bring in an extended flute and piano exposition for the second half featuring virtuosic playing from both Mariam and Bob.  Acoustic open-tuned !2-string forms the drone for “The Voice Of Creation”, a patient, slowly opening raga with a questing, deeply spiritual vocal from Mariam.  Mariam plays the open drone of the schruti box and Bob accompanies on percussion for the lush, subcontinental “Slip Through The Portal Of Light”.  A shift to piano leads to a mystical exploration that races through Western and Eastern modes to an extended flute coda.  “Oh Mother (Oh Madre)” is a glorious, chiming folk song made even more energized and rocking by Mariam’s dancing 8-string uke.  Today’s show concludes with evocative takes of Mariam’s “We Call In The Elements” and “Oh Holy Ground”, the first a driving, fundamental jam with fine vocals, the second a steady, prayerful minor blues ballad.   

Learn more about Mariam here: http://www.mariammassaro.com

Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais

Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais

January 14, 2022

An Evolving Society with Competing Interpretations of “Unity.” with Dr. Emmett Miller

Dr. Miller will present, and you will experience, the enduring power of meditation

“Healing means the restoration of balance, homeostasis, and the creation of wholeness (holism). This creates special challenges in an evolving society with competing interpretations of “unity.” Dr. Miller will present, and you will experience, the enduring power of meditation, Selective Awareness, and guided imagery informed by spiritual integrity and enthusiasm (the God within).”

The problem with Old Paradigm thinking in today’s world is that the three behaviors it triggers, fight, flight, or freeze, cause us to physically and emotionally attack or run from the challenges facing us, when what we need is to be able to be at peace, accept the truth of the present moment, and, instead of avoiding the true facts, contemplate them with the higher levels of the mind, guided by the spiritual level, and evolve transformative approaches. This is what I call upgrading our mental operating systems so that our responses are informed by wisdom and Love.

For the past 50 years Emmett Miller MD has learned and developed tools to help people who are truly in trouble. In these unprecedented times Dr Miller offers FREE resources to relax, access deeper wisdom and spiritual essence, strengthen immune systems

Empowering Spiritual Guidance Guided Imagery in the 2nd Segment

Widely acclaimed for his role in creating the field of Mind-Body Medicine, Dr. Emmett Miller continues to apply his innovative thinking in the development of new approaches and techniques of Integrative Medicine, psychotherapy, wellness, stress management, psychoneuroimmunology, meditationguided imagery and self-hypnosis for optimal health and performance. www.drmiller.com Emmett Miller earned his MD from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has served as lecturer and preceptor at Stanford, University of California, as well as other universities and medical schools introducing his groundbreaking work in Mind-Body Medicine, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

Dr Emmett Miller’s Radio Show Healing Times Radio Conversations with Extraordinary People on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is every Friday 1am & 1pmET


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Learn more about Deborah here:  www.lovebyintuition.com

Love Never Dies Radio with Dr Jamie Turndorf

Love Never Dies Radio with Dr Jamie Turndorf

January 14, 2022

Use Natural Hormones to Stay Healthy, Feel Fantastic and Avoid Overpriced, Toxic Drugs with Dr. Robert Yoho

Are you all worn out and wonder if it’s your hormones?

Do you have questions about menopause and hormone replacement?

Have you heard that hormones cause cancer and heart disease?

Are some hormones dangerous? YES, and in his book, Hormone Secrets, Dr. Yoho clears up the confusion and controversies for you and explains which hormones are dangerous.

Is hormone replacement expensive? NO, not if you learn the secrets from Hormone Secrets.

In this show, we will dive into Dr. Yoho's book and explain how hormone supplementation potentially treats or improves:

Longevity: Low levels of thyroid, growth hormone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) are linked to premature death.

Cancer: Estrogen, DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, melatonin, and human growth hormone (HGH) all have protective effects against cancer.

General health: In women under age 60, long-term estrogen replacement therapy decreases strokes, blood clots, colon cancer, diabetes, and macular degeneration. It reduces the likelihood of tooth loss, depression, osteoporosis, and death because of bone fracture. Breast cancer is unaffected, contrary to common opinion. Avoidance of estrogen was estimated to cause 50,000 excess deaths over ten years in a Yale study.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD): When long-term care costs are included, this is the most expensive ailment of all. Estrogen decreases the chances of getting AD significantly when it is started within 10 years of menopause.

Heart disease: Over 40 observational studies have shown that giving estrogen to women reduces coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and deaths. When men have higher levels, they have less heart disease. Giving natural estrogen to deficient men improves cholesterol but does not increase blood clotting.

Depression: Estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and melatonin all have antidepressant effects. Thyroid has been studied and used for depression for over fifty years.

Obesity: Thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and human growth hormone reduce unhealthy belly fat and promote weight loss.

“Bio-identical” hormones are the same as those found in humans. These are safe, affordable, and have few side effects. But since these natural body substances cannot be easily patented, they are barely profitable for Big Pharma. So the drugmakers concoct proprietary imitations from chemicals or animals. Their prices are extortionate.

THE PROMISE: Watch and listen to this show, which gives you the highlights from Dr. Yoho's book, and you will know more about hormones than 99 percent of doctors.

Robert Yoho is an award-winning author who spent a career studying and prescribing hormones. He is retired, so he can tell you the truth. Hint: Big Pharma and big money are involved, and you have been listening to lies.

Tune in and you will go to your doctor armed with exactly what to ask for.

THE GUARANTEE: Dr. Yoho will also help you find a doctor who can help. Hormones are difficult for physicians to prescribe-they are pressured to use toxic, expensive patent drugs instead.

Links: www.RobertYohoAuthor.com 

“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use any information here at your own risk. It is not medical advice. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider.

Call in and Chat with Dr. Jamie during Live Show with Video Stream: Call 646-558-8656 ID: 8836953587 press #.  To Ask a Question press *9 to raise your hand

Tune-in to “Love Never Dies” and discover for yourself why reconnecting and Dialoguing with Your Departed loved ones is the only way to dry your tears and transform your grief to joy! For more information about Dr. Turndorf follow her on Facebook: askdrlove and Twitter: @askdrlove and visit www.askdrlove.com.

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

Money Isn’t Scary with Meghan Dwyer

January 14, 2022

Embracing Discomfort with Rebecca Wiener McGregor

Happy New Year! As we enter into the season of new beginnings, I share my conversation with breakthrough coach, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, who works with her clients to move through blocks and hidden fears to find a deeper sense of self-worth. We talk about embracing fear, feeling our hard emotions and judgement. 


Learn more about Meghan here: https://moneyisntscary.com/

Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes

Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes

January 14, 2022

R. Craig Hogan Talks About What the Dead Tell Us About the Afterlife

Dr. R. Craig Hogan is the world’s leading overall expert on death, the afterlife, and the greater reality where we spend our eternal lives. Today he is with us for the 31st time. Roberta loves Craig’s latest book, which is called Reasons For What Happens to You in Your Life & Your Afterlife – Revealed by Speakers in the Afterlife, he and Roberta talk in particular about physical mediumship, instrumental transcommunication, and other ways in which the dead get word to us about their present lives. Craig is president of The Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI). Many of the most cutting-edge forms of after-death communication are featured on the AREI website at afterlifeinstitute.org

Learn more about Roberta here: http://robertagrimes.com

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show with Waska

Way of the Illuminated Warrior Talk Show with Waska

January 14, 2022

Topic: New Year - No Fear! Whatcha Gonna Do in 2022?

NEW OFFERING: Way of the Illuminated Rites of Passage Program beginning soon! Contact Waska ASAP to apply for enrollment - Doors closing soon on this awesome offer.

In this episode Waska and David discuss the vibe of the year gone by and new thoughts for 2022; Covid mindset; self-centered, narcissistic behavior running rampant; tribal way of living v. separation/isolation; are we living in the Matrix?; if we can imagine, we can create it, Don’t Look Up; New Year resolutions... and more.

Contact Waska at: waska@illuminatedwarrior.com
Contact David at: david.11stereo@gmail.com

*FREE* –  Waska is offering 3 complimentary ’Healing Strategy Sessions’ for the first 3 men who respond by email: waska@illuminatedwarrior.com Send a message including what area you would like help illuminating. 

Learn more about Waska here: www.Illuminatedwarrior.com


11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh

11:11 Talk Radio with Simran Singh

January 14, 2022

Redesign Your Mind: Eric Maisel

Experience a complete mental fitness and cognitive change program through simple visualization exercises. Eric Maisel, PhD. guides you through techniques that change not only what you think?but how you think. Your mind is yours to redesign, redecorate and create! The idea that you are what you think has concerned philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to the Buddha. Today, this age-old message is delivered via cognitive behavioral therapy and CBT techniques. Dr. Maisel moves cognitive change a giant step forward by describing the room that is your mind and how human consciousness is experienced there. Packed with visualization exercises, this accessible guide makes redesigning your mind and changing what you think easy and simple, an upgrade to the CBT method. Visualization exercises for easy assembly. That room that is your mind is a space that you can decorate, air out, furnish, and turn into a truly congenial place. By practicing these easy-to-understand visualization exercises, you can redesign your mind and change not only what you think but how you think. Each of these techniques addresses major challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction, procrastination, and loneliness and promote cognitive growth, trauma healing, and fundamental change. Inside, you’ll also find information that could help you: Increase your creativity Reduce your anxiety Rid yourself of chronic depression Recover from addiction Heal from past trauma Achieve emotional wellbeing Live your life purposes

Eric Maisel, PhD, is a retired family therapist, a creativity and life coach, and the author of more than fifty books including his latest, Overcoming Your Difficult Family. He writes the Rethinking Mental Health blog for Psychology Today and the Coaching the Artist Within column for Professional Artist magazine. Eric has been quoted or featured in a variety of publications, including Martha Stewart Living, Redbook, Glamour, Mens Health, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Self. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and lectures throughout the world. Visit him online at www.EricMaisel.com

Learn more about Simran here:


Awakening to True Happiness with David Hoffmeister

Awakening to True Happiness with David Hoffmeister

January 14, 2022

What’s Up? Salvation. How? Peace of Mind - A New Years commentary on the new movie Don’t Look Up!

Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that the learning of the workbook is not cumulative, so if you can get one lesson, you got them all. If you can get one lesson completely, you've just graduated from the course and found peace of mind, the happy dream. 

So really, on this New Years day we are dealing with lesson number one; "Nothing I see means anything," it's an opportunity to go for the direct shot of God, and some of you know, that, the question is asked Jesus, "Can God be reached directly?" And his answer is, "Yes." So that means we're not going for a substitute. We're not going for a delay. We're not going for a bypass. We're not going for, as The Beatles said, the long and winding road. We like the word "direct." So we're going for a direct experience today.

Enjoy David's commentary.

You can watch the introduction to the movie on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GyqjnV3yfsw

If you are interested to know more about David Hoffmeister and Living Miracles events, here is more information: 


Read A Course in Miracles online here: https://acourseinmiraclesnow.com/
Learn more about David Hoffmeister here: https://davidhoffmeister.com