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August 24, 2021


Safe Detox and the Skin -Carolyn Dean MD ND 

There is no practical way to avoid all the toxins in the environment. You would have to live the rest of your life in a hermetically sealed suit (and it would be a short life since you couldn’t eat or drink.) Fortunately, it’s not so bad because there are ways to counteract many toxins and pollutants.  

The organ systems of the body that protect the body are the skin, lungs,  liver, kidneys,  lymph and colon. Under normal circumstances, the skin and lungs along with the rest of the body are performing detox functions every minute of every day in an orchestration worthy of Carnegie Hall. But by far, the skin is the largest detox organ. 

Under abnormal circumstances, plans to support the body’s defense mechanisms should be deployed! Protecting the skin, lungs, colon, liver, kidneys and lymph system can be done effectively and naturally, with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. 

Doctors deny the necessity of external forms of detoxification – maybe because they think these 6 organs have it all under control? However, today, the skin and lungs as well as the gut, liver and kidneys are hard pressed to keep up with all the toxins, refined foods, viral pathogens, chemical contaminants, and pharmaceutical drugs the body is exposed to.  

My approach to detoxification is to enhance what these organs are already valiantly trying to do as we continue to live in this world exposed to environmental toxins, viruses, medications, processed foods and water, and the outgassing of the electric environment.  

The best defense is a good offense! Using nature as your guide it’s easy to be proactive on a daily basis to safely navigate your life and minimize your health risks. 

Tonight on her LIVE You-tube podcast show, we'll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about Safe Detox and the Skin along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with callers and hosts alike including the emotional and spiritual side of health and medicine. 

About Dr. Carolyn Dean   

Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND has been featured on national media for over 30 years offering practical strategies to improve health, vitality, and well-being the natural way. As a medical doctor, naturopath, certified clinical nutritionist and master of many modalities including acupuncture and homeopathy, Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND has authored over 33 books and 100 publications including The Magnesium Miracle, 3rd Edition, Hormone Balance, Future Health Now Encyclopedia and Heart Health. Please note that the information and opinions expressed on these broadcasts are not designed to constitute advice or recommendations as to any disease, ailment, or physical condition. You should not act or rely upon any information contained in these broadcasts without seeking the advice of your personal physician. If you have any questions about the information or opinions expressed during these broadcasts, please contact your doctor. 

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