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April 22, 2017

Dr Jamie Turndorf’s Upcoming “Kiss Your Fights Goodbye” Workshop at Omega

Kiss Your Fights Goodbye at Omega May 12, 2017 – May 14, 2017

Conflict is inevitable in our intimate relationships. Most of us believe that conflict and fighting are synonymous, but they are, in fact, very different. Whenever our needs or wishes are thwarted, a state of conflict results. Anger can arise. It is how we handle that anger that determines if a conflict turns into a fight. Join relationship expert and best-selling author Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) and learn a gentle, loving, and successful approach to resolving conflicts with your spouse or significant other, colleagues, friends, and family members. Throughout the weekend you begin moving toward closer, stronger relationships through: • Gaining understanding of the chemistry of fighting • Practicing identifying and eliminating fight traps • Exploring how to heal childhood scars that fuel arguments • Building confidence to address the sexual needs of your partner and yourself • Deepening your capacity for empathy and listening • Learning how to initiate positive confrontations and constructive negotiations These methods help couples who are young or older, gay or straight, married or dating. Bereaved individuals may use them to resolve unfinished business with those in spirit.