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Flaunt! Build Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle with Lora Cheadle

July 30, 2016

On Air Life Choreography Session with Susan--Pushing Buttons Have you ever known someone who pushes your buttons? You know, that person who says or does exactly what you don't need them to do? Guess what? That person isn't as irritating as you might believe they are. That person is here for your growth and development. That person is here for your, and the emotions they provoke are about you, not about them! After all, it's not their fault you have buttons available for pushing and you are the only one who can uninstall your own buttons! In today's show we work with Susan on the Five Steps of FLAUNT! and help her to see that the things she previously thought of as irritations are really blessings that are here for her growth and development. Remember, we can't change others, we can only change ourselves! Though the FLAUNT! process we explore things Susan thinks she wants, but when we dig deeper, we discover something different. This show is a perfect, flowing blend of how all things are intertwined, and how our goals, dreams, desires and challenges really are all the same thing.