Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour with Mariam Massaro

April 22, 2017

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #258 was taped at Singing Brook Studio with the Gaea Star Band with Mariam Massaro on vocals, dulcimer, native flute and acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, Craig Harris on congas and balaphone and Bob Sherwood on piano and 12-string acoustic guitar. We begin with a classic of Mariam’s, the rich, dulcimer-drone-led “All Life Unfolds” which features a rare cameo from Bob on 12-string guitar and a lovely improvised lyric from Mariam on the ultimate power of self-determination. “Blessed By Our Life” is another song by Mariam, again led by her dulcimer and authoritative congas by Craig as Bob moves to the piano. “Gather Together” is a song from the “Gaea Star Crystal: Awakening The Tribes Of Light” presented here with echoes of Verdian opera in a majestic waltz tempo. Mariam picks up her acoustic Martin 12-string guitar for “We’re Calling In The Real Ones”, a song of resistance to the current regime that builds in intensity to release into a somber, lush take on Mariam’s mystical “Distant Star/This Is The Way”. “Welcome Spring” is a gorgeous ballad led by Mariam’s native flute and built on sun-drenched major seventh chords from the piano. We finish today with a sunny, folk-reggae take on Mariam’s “Pacha Mama” from the “Gaea Star Goddesses” CD.