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July 30, 2016

The Meaning Of Life.

The Meaning Of Life… If people want to learn more about what that means then this show if for them. Living our life with LOVE. Who else but the author of Love, Medicine and Miracles, is an expert in giving advice on living with love. This is a ‘don't miss’ radio show for people who want to learn to empower themselves to create their best life now!

MEANING OF LIFE BY BERNIE SIEGEL, MD Life of itself has no meaning. It is simply a mechanical event. It presents us with the opportunity and physical ability to be creative and connect with our Lord and the process of creation and create a meaningful life. If we were provided with a perfect world there would be no place for creation or meaning. It would simply be a magic trick. The meaning comes from how we use our minds and bodies and whether we contribute to or become destructive to the process of creation. When we have the opportunity to choose from what is placed before us; life and death, good and evil meaning arises. The meaning our life takes on relates to choosing life and who or what we see as our Lord. Our Lord can be material things and selfish choices based upon our desires and feelings or it can be a chance to love the world, and our neighbors, when we have the right Lord. Choosing life means we choose life-enhancing behavior for all living things, through our actions and behavior. Then our lives take on meaning. We symbolically represent the same opportunities and elements as a satellite dish, a remote control and a TV screen. A satellite dish has access to many channels and programs and with our remote control we can select which channel we tune into and watch the program displayed. The problem is there are many Lords out there for us to choose from like all the channels available to you and your remote control. In our case our mind is like the remote and chooses what it tunes into and what it is exposed to and learns from about life and meaning. Then our body, like the TV screen, displays which Lord and programs we have been watching and learning from and thus our life and activities take on meaning. If our Lord is the Lord of revenge, due to a life experience of indifference, rejection and abuse, and not love then the meaning of our life will be totally destructive as all the headlines reveal. But when you realize we are all here to contribute love to the world, in a way we select, and not one imposed upon us, then our life takes on meaning and becomes joyful experience no matter what profession or lifestyle you choose. Thus the meaning of life is to give each human being the opportunity to live a genuine and authentic life dedicated and devoted to life enhancing behavior. When we submit to what others impose upon us we lose our life and its meaning. When we abandon our untrue selves and tune into the Lord of love channel every action we take is real, meaningful, lifesaving and life enhancing for all living things of every species residing on this planet we all call home. So the meaning of life is to give us the opportunity to make our Lord and Creator happy.