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February 20, 2016

Open Hearts, and the Spirit of Love: A Conversation with Jim Britt

In this lively exploration of this most important, central aspect of all our lives – once again noted author, public speaker, and personal coach (he is the one who mentored the fantabulous Tony Robbins), Jim Britt, spends some quality time with Dr. Miller. Jim is a regular visitor on “Conversations With Extraordinary People,” and each time their interaction is creative, entertaining, engaging, wise, and friendly.” This time they explore the tender, yet deep, passion of Love. Each year we celebrate Valentine’s day, which is basically a holy day of our culture, that special time during which we honor that amazing state of euphoria and connection that so transforms us whenever we fall in love. We will speak of the ancient origin of this theme and its evolution from the spirit of St. Valentine to the special relationships we are forming in our lives. We will examine such questions as, “What is this thing called love?” and “Why is it so important, this infatuated state that makes everything seem so beautiful, and how can we make that passion and openness to beauty an ongoing experience in all our lives?” As you will learn, this is possible – and becomes more possible as we appreciate the importance of Presence and Connection.