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February 20, 2016

Co-Host 15yr. old Julia Kubin Founder of Sidewalk Smiles Campaign

Julia Kubin is a 15 year old from Morristown, NJ and will be entering her junior year of high school in the fall. She is an honor student who enjoys singing. She has been taking Tae Kwon Do classes since 2009 and has reached the level of black belt. Julia recently received the Robert D. Henry ‘Sterling Character Award’ and is the National Ambassador for Heart Songs for Causes. An advocate for teens in crisis & an ally for LGBTQ people, Julia is working to end suicide, bullying & self-harm through the #PeytonHeartProject.

She first started her Sidewalk Smiles Campaign in March 2014 in Morristown, NJ. Julia wanted to better the community through random acts of kindness but it has become much more than that. Once a week she takes a colorful sign into town that reads “You Are Beautiful”. She stands there holding the sign for everyone passing by to see. Julia saw her message had a positive impact as soon as she started doing this. People would walk up to her and ask what she was doing. Some honked as they drove past and give her a “thumbs up”. Other people would come up to her and say “You are beautiful, too.” Those three little words on Julia’s sign have made people smile, and conversations have taken place that never would have otherwise. “We are no longer just strangers on the street. Instead, we are connecting through a simple message,” says Julia.