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Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais

August 25, 2018

Pranic Living Initiation with Ray Maor Later in the Show Chrissa J. Santoro from Omega Institute

Ray Maor, author of A Year Without Food, discovered the breatharian lifestyle in 2012 and, since then, he is considered an inspirational guide and a representative of this lifestyle in the Western world.

Pranic Living Initiation with Ray Maor Join the 10-day process, a monitored breatharian fast and detox program to create greater health and sense of well-being. Ray Maor is at Omega Institute September 7th–16th Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network is Omega’s Media Partner, …when registering state code DREAM and receive 20% off on this workshop call 877.944.2002 Learn more here Would you like to reduce your food cravings, maintain your ideal body weight, or live a longer, healthier life? Join this pranic living intensive for maximum detoxification, anti-aging, and health benefits. During this gradual, monitored breatharian fast and detox program, we follow specific guidelines, designed with safety and health in mind. Through gentle body movement and breathing exercises, guided meditations, and other individual and group activities, we explore pranic energy, Vipassana, manifestation, basic channeling, and more. After the 10 day process, participants typically increase stamina and energy, reduce sleeping time and caloric intake, improve clarity of thought, and discover a greater sense of well-being.