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Love Never Dies with Dr. Jamie Turndorf

November 24, 2018

Radical Emotional Nudity

Radical Emotional Nudity is a term I’ve coined in the last month. It describes my own experiment with risky myself to be emotionally naked and share the depth of my heart with those close to me. Let me tell you, it’s been a scary and joyous journey that is helping me to further stretch my soul and bring me ever closer to living heaven on earth. I’ve invited my dear soul brother, Kip Baldwin, to join me in a discussion about this process and why we all need to stretch ourselves and live in a more emotionally naked state. Join me for a very honest and naked show.

Bio: Kip Baldwin knows his purpose for BEING is to share all that LOVE is through his many solutions driven projects; using media in all its forms to help awaken individuals, and by proxy the collective, to the LOVE Paradigm emerging. He feels that in order for a new story to be conceived for humanity, a mass imagining of our limitless potential is what is needed to bring about an age of collaboration, compassion, empathy, and oneness.

Kip brings over 25 years of entertainment industry, marketing, and product development experience to S.O.U.L., ranging from Hearst Ranch and Windy City Novelties, to Carlos Falchi Designs and Will Vinton Studios, and is the co-founder of the United Filmmakers Association. In the world of entertainment, Kip has produced many works including: Loophole, Restorations Unlimited, Breaking Bud, The Road to Fenderville, One Hundred Things, Cold Pressed, and Love Floats. He also co-created the popular and influential reality series WEED COUNTRY in cooperation with Studio Lambert and The Discovery Channel.